Beyond the Zone System 4th edition - Now Out of Print - Now on the Kindle

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    Apr 7, 2005
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    I was ordering more of Phil Davis's book Beyond the Zone System 4th edition and found out that the book has been out of stock at the supplier. When I checked at they only had the Kindle edition. I later found out that the print version has been discontinued. Knowing Phil he would be glad to find out that his book is now available in an electronic version.

    Also, I've always recommended watching Phil Davis's BTZS Video Workshop before reading the BTZS book. So if you haven't read the BTZS book yet you should watch the video first, as it helps familiarize you with terms you may not be familiar with and you also get to know Phil a little. Watching the video you can see one of Phil's great passions was teaching.

    If you would like to order the video, mention APUG and shipping will be free for the US and $10 rather than $15 for international shipping.

    Fred Newman
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    Just in case anyone stumbles across this, Phil's book appears to be back in print and available through Amazon and the Focal Press online store.