Beware of who doesn't give it a clue

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    Oct 20, 2004
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    Another half roll ruined...

    tonight I've tried to reverse half roll of T-Max 100 (@50).
    I've souped it following the regular b&w reversal process but using a copper sulfate based bleach instead.

    The bleach was composed of 10g/l of copper sulfate and 50g/l od sodium bisulfate (as can be seen at

    Results: disaster!
    The film came out solid black: I'm guessing the bleach stage didn't functioned at all.

    I guess that's why people at Kodak and at Photographer's formulary, not considering the, don't use copper sulfate as a bleach agent: because IT DOESN'T WORK!

    Sh.., I must go with something tried and true because second-guessing or trusting someone who doesn't give a clue to what a reversal process is is beginning to be costly.

    At least for me, YMMV.
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    Sep 7, 2002
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    Just consider it a failed experiment and go on - have a Guinness.

    Coming from a chemical background, I cannot see how the concoction mentioned could possibly serve as a reversal bleach. Better to stick with standardized known processes I guess. (E.g., Ponds and Fleashman)