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    I have a Balda 120 folder -- a Baldax 6x4.5, possibly a V.P., which is the only Baldax model my McKeown's lists.

    At any rate, it is a puzzler. At the film plane, there are two 'rails' that stick up above the flat part of the film plane, along the sort, 4.5 side of the frame. The result is that the film doesn't really sit flat -- it sort of 'rides' over the top of these two rails and the two rollers that are on each side of the 6 dimension. So the exposed film has a lot of flare around the frame edges that, inevitably, fogs the two adjacent frames.

    It's almost as if some piece is missing? Like maybe a removable mask (though I don't know why it would need one...)?

    It is otherwise a very nice little folder, with a Meyer Görlitz, 7.5 cm, f 2.9 Trioplan (I assume a triplet) in a Compur shutter that purrs like a little kitten at 1 sec.

    Does anyone else have one of these that could maybe shed some light on this rather strange design?