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    Oct 23, 2003
    I just recently bought supplies and equipment for a photography class which
    I have decided not to take. I bought all supplies through B & H photo which
    is cheaper than stores around this area. This is a great opportunity to get
    photo supplies at a good price as you will not have to pay B & H's high
    shipping rate or taxes. If new and unused the price is the original price.
    If used (which is barely used since I just bought this stuff 2.5 weeks ago)
    it will be at a reduced rate. Please email me if interested.

    Archival Photo Drying book (19 x 24") Holds 21 - 16X20 prints (General
    Brand) - $19.95

    5 Kodax 120 T-Max 100 Professional Black and white print film (ISO-100)-
    $2.00/each roll
    3 Kodax TMY 120 T-Max 400 Professional Black & White Print Film (ISO-400) -
    $2.20/each roll

    Graduate 25 ml Measureing Increment (Jobo) 1/8 oz - $3.75
    Sprint Archive Fixer Remover for Black & White Film and Paper (Liquid 1
    liter). I've used about 75 ml of it. - $4.00
    Kodak T-Max Developer (Liquid) for Black & White Film - Makes 1 Gallon.
    I've used about 400ml. - 6.25
    Ilford Rapid Fixer 500 ML - never opened - $5.00

    Ilford Multigrade IV MGF.1K 16x20-10 Sheets B&W Variable Contrast Fiber Base
    Double Weight Glossy - $29.00