Argus C3 focal plane to flange distance

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    Oct 10, 2007
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    Anyone know the distance from the film plane to the front of the lens flange on the Argus C3?

    I'm trying to make an adapter to use a 50mm cintar and 135mm Soliger on a Pen F that I have no usable lenses for. I have an endoscope adapter for the Pen F and the front plate and original lens from an Argus and I'm going to machine an adapter to use the lenses.

    I've got the length for the lenses for the Pen and the Argus's distances are longer from my experiments trying to focus through the viewfinder, so I know it will work.
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    Jun 13, 2006
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    (Assuming I understand the dimension you're looking for -- I'm measuring from the seating surface of the lens/body front mating surface to the film pressure plate surface.) According to my vernier calipers (with depth gage) it's about 41.7 mm (1.64 inches) - 36.0 mm from the front of the washer-like plate on the shutter and 5.7 from the mounting surface boss around the threads to the shutter plate.

    Note: this is not laser interferometer precision. I tried to minimize displacing the film pressure plate while making the measurement.

    Hope that helps,