Ansel Adams and the American Landscape in Dayton, Ohio

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    Sep 23, 2002
    If you happen to find yourself around Dayton, Ohio between now and January, do yourself a favor and stop by the Dayton Art Institute to visit their current exhibit of Ansel Adams and the American Landscape.

    I’d guess there are around 50 prints on display – mostly by Adams, but also including work by Edward, Brett, and Cole Weston, Eliot Porter, Stieglitz, Imogen Cunningham, Laura Gilpin, Paul Strand, Minor White, Siskind, and others. A pretty impressive lineup by any measure!

    The only downside is the lighting in the section of the gallery showing the prints. It is pathetically dim and the lights are poorly aimed (seems to be a trend in galleries displaying photographic art?). I was sure to leave scathing remarks about the lighting in the comments book placed at the exit of the display. If you do the same, maybe they’ll get the message!

    For the price of admission ($10 for visitors, free for members), you also get to see an exhibit of The Glass of Louis Comfort Tiffany and Monet and the Age of American Impressionism. Both very much worth seeing.

    Highly recommended.

    Scott Whitford
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    Nov 23, 2002
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    It is my understanding that the reason they purposefully leave the lights set the way you saw is to help make the prints last longer. All those photographers you mentioned are long dead and there will be no more images. So, one of the accepted ways to help preserve the longevity of the prints is not to have bright lights shining on them. It is a sad but necessary fact if we want the prints to be around for our later generations.