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    I had a chance to take a tour today with Chief Curator David Schwarz, of the recently re-opened American Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens, just a couple stops outside Manhattan by subway, and I think it would be very interesting to APUG members.

    The museum does not have a collection of films, though it shows moving pictures of all eras and it displays all kinds of interesting motion-picture installations ranging from zoetropes to 3D video art, but its permanent collection mostly includes film and television technology from lantern slides and projectors to cameras, audio and editing equipment, film copying equipment, and all kinds of interactive displays to demonstrate different aspects of the process of making motion pictures.

    So if you've ever wondered just how big that three-strip Technicolor camera really was, or what a Vitascope projector looks like, they have them on display.

    There is also quite a large display of classic Hollywood photography. It's not a modern museum-style display--in fact a bit more like the display of an 18th-century collection of paintings with many hung above eye level--but it is a chance to see original prints in a wide range of styles, including several Hurrell 11x14's and some (not Hurrell particularly) showing the idiomatic use of soft focus lenses when they were in vogue.