Alternative Large Format Techniques with Steve Anchell

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    Alternative Large Format Techniques
    Where: The Photographers’ Formulary Workshop in Montana
    Instructor: Steve Anchell
    Date: July 31 to August 5, 2011

    There is more than one way to skin a cat, or so the saying goes. There is also more than one way to use a large format camera to create exceptional images. Even so, it is easy to settle into one method of exposing and developing without ever exploring the alternatives. In this workshop we will focus on alternative methods of exposure and different ways to develop and print large format negatives. Along the way we will experiment using a variety of film and print developers, ABC Pyro, TFX-2, Ansco 113 (amidol), Ansco 130, and perhaps some others.

    Some of the techniques we will practice will be working with reciprocity failure for long exposures; stand development; tray development; tank development; contact printing; enlarging lenses for close-ups; calculating bellows extension and depth-of-field.

    Leave your BTZS tubes, Palm Pilot, spot meter, JOBO rotary processor, and Zone System Manual at home. By the end of this workshop you will have expanded your knowledge and understanding of large format photography, simplified your working methods, and entered a new phase of creativity.

    Any view camera format is welcome as long as it has swings and tilts, from 2 x 3” to 11 x 14”. All levels of view camera knowledge are welcome–beginners to experts. The less you know the more you’ll learn. The more you know the more you will be amazed.

    Instructor Bio:
    The author of The Darkroom Cookbook, The Variable Contrast Printing Manual, and co-author (with Bill Troop) of The Film Developing Cookbook, Steve has been photographing since 1970. He is the former editor of Photovision and Focus magazines and currently writes for Rangefinder magazines. He has taught photography workshops since 1979 and in 1999-2000 established and directed the Photographers’ Formulary Workshops in Montana.

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