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    May 30, 2011
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    I haven't hooked up with the local club yet, but plan to as soon as my schedule gets settled. I did find a local camera shop
    that offers darkroom supplies and gear... and they also develop color *and* b&w in house. They're a bit of a drive from here,
    but it's more than I had in Little Rock since Pinky's closed.
    I haven't found one yet, but it seems that Birmingham would have enough interested folks to have a subscription based darkroom
    setup, accessible to the general public. Lots of college students and counterculture types, probably more than a few would at least
    be interested in the lomo side of analog photography, especially if it were accessible and relatively cheap.

    This is more rambling than anything. My family is taking turns being sick, and my sleep schedule is way outta whack.