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    Cafe Margo announces a new book by Al Weber

    Advice for Photographers: the Next Step

    Based on decades of teaching, Weber has collected and organized ideas and suggestions to aid those who would be photographers.

    A 72 page field manual, measuring 6"x4", it will easily slip into your pack, purse or pocket.

    Craft is ignored, but is assumed as Weber hits on topics which have frequently hindered those attempting to practice the creative process:

    Time Management for the Self Employed, Dealing with Growth and Change, The Dilema of Influence, Business Tactics for the Artist, The Power of Thought, Choosing Directions, Establishing a Plan, Overcoming Inertia, Common Obstacles and Demons. Exhibiting Work, The Tools, Teachers and Learning...for openers. There's more, much more. The chapters are brief, a page at most, similar to Weber's own attention span.

    Many good photographers fail for reasons outside photography. Subjects not addressed in traditional education, strike down too many, simply because they are unaware of them. Information has been gathered from workshops, especially a workshop Weber has taught since the 1980's, The Next Step. Proven corrective measures are suggested.

    What is said so far..

    "I've met many great photographers in my 36 years of carrying a camera for a living, but none more influential to me-or thousands of other photographers-than Al Weber." Paul Schranz, Consulting Editor, Photo Techniques Magazine.


    "Somewhere between a verbal kick in the pants and a gentle nudge from the nest, Al Weber's Advice for Photographers: The Next Step is a support to the creative process. His provocative and practical common sense approach speaks to any audience." Rita Bottoms, former Head of Special Collections, University of California, Santa Cruz. Publisher ,Cafe Margo.

    The cost is $10 each book

    How to buy a copy

    1. Send $12 to Al Weber, 145 Boyd Way, Carmel CA 93923. Cash or check only. ($2 each book is for packaging and postage)

    2. Wave me down on the freeway. I always have a few books with me. I'm the old goat driving the silver Volvo
    .Al Weber <>
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    Gosh! I'll have to buy a copy and keep it in my pocket! Then, next time I feel like taking a picture I can whip it out and read about Managing Change, Business Tactics for the Artist, Common Obstacles and Demons, or much, much more.

    Come on: it may be interesting, but 'field manual'? Hardly! I'd also suggest that 72pp is a bit short and that 'page' and 'chapter' are not really synonymous. I wish you the very best of luck in selling it but I think you may do better with another selling pitch.

    Perhaps '72 pages of solid wisdom, gained the hard way, showing photographers what you need beyond mere technical expertise. Short, concise passages -- no topic longer than one page -- make this the ideal book to read for illumination or inspiration when time is limited or at a premium, for example in traffic jams or the smallest room.'

    Don't be offended at the last: on the foot of page 9 (of 296) in my own latest book, I say, "I have no illusions about this. The present book is the sort that many people like to read in the smallest room."