Aires 35-IIIL Rangefinder

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    For sale is an Aires 35-IIIL Rangefinder camera in good condition. The body has some light wear but no major damage or signs of heavy use. The lens is in good shape, glass is clean with no haze, fungus or scratches. There may be a few tiny specks of dust inside but nothing which will affect image quality. The shutter speeds sound good but the ring will not move into the highest speed of a 500th. Aperture moves freely. The rangefinder itself is bright and seems to be accurate. Film advance is smooth and the frame counter works. The rewind button on the bottom of the camera is missing but this can be moved by using a pen or other pointed object. There is some cracks in the leatherette on the left side of the lens and it's lifting slightly on the right side. No caps are included but the lens will be protected during shipping. Cool little unique rangefinder camera. - $50 plus shipping.