AIPAD: The Photography Show 2005

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    It's that time of year again that I anticipate with goosebump eagerness; the AIPAD show will be held this week at the New York Hilton. ( ) If you're in the NYC area, it's the best opportunity you'll have to look at more photographs under one roof than anywhere else I've ever heard of. Scores of galleries from all over the US and other countries set up booths with photographs for inspection and/or sale by the bin load. It's amazing to be able to pick up an EW, BW, AA, MB, etc, etc and look at it for as long as you like. It's the only place I've ever gotten to see Michael and Paula's work 'in person' too btw. The show offers imagery from the 19th century to whatever is 'brand new and latest' in B&W as well as color; traditional as well as some (rather limited thank goodness) digital prints in all shapes and sizes.

    So get your little bipod self there and have a ball. NO EQUIPMENT...JUST PHOTOGRAPHS!!!!