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Discussion in 'Antiques and Collecting' started by Baxter Bradford, Apr 20, 2005.

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    My late father-in-law bought a few prints he liked by photographers he admired. My mother-in-law is now seeking to sell them and I am talking on her behalf to a gallery to do this. Any that do not go would possibly be placed in the November sale of one of the auction houses. She is not desperate to sell at any price and is prepared to wait if necessary. After all, being collectable, prices ought to increase, especially if the market is depressed at present. The images are in the UK, but realise that in light of artist and subject matter, some might be more attractive to the USA market.

    If you know where I might find a place to value them on the web or have other contacts, could you please let me know. I am also keen to determine the state of the print sales market i.e. whether now is a good time to sell. I have found some auction prices for some images, but as always, more information is needed to make these difficult decisions.

    Kind offers to hang on your own walls will be politely declined, even though I have no reason to doubt that they are good homes .......

    Please find details below about the images which are being placed for sale. All are signed and she has a number of the original purchase receipts.

    They are:

    O Winston Link - N&W 2nd 51 at Luray Crossing, Luray, VA - Framed

    Max Dupain - Nude 1938 - Unframed
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    Andre Kertesz
    Prints from 60's from earlier negs mounted and signed in the margin
    Lost Cloud (negative c1937) - Framed
    New York (pigeon landing) (negative c1960) - Framed and No 13 on

    Fred Zinnemann - Near Wall Street, 1932 - Unframed

    Olivia G Parker - Moon Shells, 1978 Signed in margin behind mount Framed: 30cm x 26cm

    Also two framed images by John Havinden for which I have been unable to find references on the web. They were exhibited at Impressions Gallery in York in 1980. She has the exhibition catalogue and biography written by David Mellor. In my research, it seems that in this period two UK photographers were noted in the USA and Continent; albeit working in different fields, John Havinden and Cecil Beaton, the latter was rather more keen on self-promotion.

    'Rods of light' (c1930) which the exhibition catalogue describes as an "Experimental photograph of a still life construction", which my Father-in-law had written 'only known print' and 'valuable' on the back of the frame and a commercial product image of a 'Freezing Unit' from same period. The title of this latter image is unknown as it has not been removed from the frame.

    That's it - Phew!!
    Many thanks
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    Good Afternoon, Baxter,

    It's possible that copies of some of these prints may have been for sale on E-Bay. A quick search might turn up some pricing information.

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    Most of the auction houses (Christies, Bonhams, Sothebys etc) will give you free valuations. Check their websites for details.

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    Another resource:
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    Your late father in law had excellent tastes and must also have had a very good knowledge of what he was buying. Max Pupain, while superb is not now so well known despite being one of the best Australian fine art photographers.

    While I can't put a market value on these idividual images they must each have a market value well in excess of $500 (us) per print. You could probably get a better indication by going to the Print Room at the Photographers Gallery in London.

    This is a great little collection.