Adrian Searl on the Art Cologne photography prize vs. Osama Esid.

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    Adrian Searl on German photography prize vs. Osama Esid.

    The Guardian featured work of photographers lined up for a German Photobörse Prize. Adrian Searls article is worth reading. On the Guardian website you can see work by the runners up. Amongst them at least one LF photographer and very interesting B&W work: real silver-gelatin prints as they are called.

    However, all in all, I can't say this is the best or most innovative work I've seen over the last years. It fits in with the trends you see on the WWW. I know there is more exciting work out there, but somehow it hasn't hit the 'high road' of the contemporary art gallery world yet.

    Like yesterday I looked again at a self portrait by Osama Esid, a Syrian born photog now living in the USA, called self-timer - somehow it sticks in the mind even after a month. Can't see any of the runners up to the Cologne prize doing that.
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