Adelaide exhibition: Stephen Beckett (Gallery 139/A.P. Bond)

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Alex Bishop-Thorpe, Sep 16, 2010.

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    This is just a plug for a friend of mine, I was at the opening last night.
    If you're in Adelaide, and you like analogue photography, pop by the AP Bond Gallery on Magill Road (Formerly Gallery 139). Stephen has a new exhibition of large format work, 12 pieces in the downstairs gallery. Kitchen utensils shot in black and white on 8x10" by natural light in his shed, and printed in large form by (gasp) inkjet.
    Dont turn your nose up at it just for the inkjet aspect though, Stephen is a technical perfectionist and did his thesis in tricolour seperations with gum bichromate. He's studied in England and New Zealand, he prints by carbon when he can, as well as platinum, and to quote him, "Large format is god". He did everything himself, right down to the framing of the work. If you've ever tried to do exhibition standard framing yourself, for a dozen pieces more than a metre tall, you'll know how committed he is.

    It's running until early november, 139 Magill Road, Stepney. Give it a look, it's well worth it.