Abstraction with Photograms Workshop in NY

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    Abstraction with Photograms
    Instructor: Pradeep Dalal
    3 sessions: Saturdays October 14, 21, and 28
    1 - 4pm

    Experiment with camera-less photography. This alternative process workshop will meet on three consecutive Saturdays in October and introduce students to traditional and digital photograms. Photograms are made by placing objects directly on a photosensitive surface such as photographic paper or a digital scanner and then exposing them to light. Artists can use almost anything: hands, glass, leaves, fabric, flowers, beads, etc. Through slide lectures and classroom discussion, students will survey the history of photograms from Bauhaus and Man Ray to contemporary photographers mining this seam of abstraction. Students will examine Marco Breuer's elegant chocolate-hued striped images with scratched, bullet-hole-like marks, Adam Fuss's beautiful water ripple images, Kunie Suguira's delicately colored floral photograms, and James Welling's Rothko-like luminous color works. In this small, hands-on class, students will create traditional photograms using The Camera Club of New York's color and black and white darkrooms and digital photograms using a digital scanner. Students will also experiment with other techniques such as close-ups, blurring, and a sampling of the Pandora's box of Photoshop tools.

    For more information visit: http://www.cameraclubofnewyork.org