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  1. bob100684

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    May 8, 2006
    Last time I used them, I remember being able to fill our a pdf file from their webpage with additional options beyond what is presented on the mailer itself, some at additional cost, others without additional cost. Now, I can't find it on their site and they aren't responding to emails probably due to their moving exclusively to the Hollywood location. Does anyone happen to have them handy for their b/w and e-6 mailers? Also, when using the mailers, does anyone know if the e-6 comes back mounted or sleeved? and if mounted in a cardboard or plastic mount?
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    Jan 7, 2005
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    I received 35mm slides from A&I with cardboard mounts back in October & November. So cardboard must be the standard material for their slide mounts. Each cardboard mounted slide was numbered but not dated. I did not use their website for other options with my slides and I don't have anymore mailers or any other info other than what you already have. I guess you may have to just wait until after the holidays for them to contact you or for you to contact them. For what it's worth, they did a great job processing my slides. Very quick.