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Discussion in 'Geographic Location' started by Monophoto, Feb 21, 2007.

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    Wife and I are in California to visit our son. On Monday, we drove down to Monterey for some sightseeing and seafood. Got up early Tuesday morning to wait in the line before they opened the gate at Point Lobos. Spent a wonderful hour and a half at Weston Beach photographing. Only other person there was another photographer (d*****l), but he took his work seriously in spite of his toy fixation. Then on to Carmel Mission, and then lunch in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

    Wonderful exhibition at the Weston Gallery - special show of Brett's work in the side room. But the really winner of the day was the Roman Lorenc show at Gallery West. That was worth the trip across country!

    Last night, I did the reload-the-filmholder-in-the-bathroom thing. Everything seemed to work fine until the box of film slipped off the counter and into the sink. #@$^&*