A Good Day! Seneca/Conley folder info

Discussion in 'Antiques and Collecting' started by SteveinAlaska, Aug 19, 2008.

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    Mar 18, 2007
    :D Last week at the antique auto meet, a fellow club member handed off to me 2 original manuals from the Seneca Camera Mfg. Company. The first manual is for the Folding Scout camera and the second manual is The Amatuer Photographer's Manual. After some time on the internet, I make the connection between Seneca & the Conley Camera and the Sears and Roebuck stores. I have a Conley Junior camera that I have been able to date to about the mid 1920's so much of the information in the Folding Scout book all applies to my Conley Junior! This camera has a Victo shutter with a f8 Rapid Rectilinear lens made( I think) by Bausch & Lomb. So as I have been reading through these manuals, I been having a number of "ah-ha!" moments.
    So it looks like I'll take this off the shelf and work with it for the remainder of the warm weather. I might have 6 weeks at best before snowfall. Then I'll have to find a tank and reel for the film.... That's OK, time to do that this winter.