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    Sep 30, 2004
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    dear parishioners,

    after decades of darkness ... new to this community.

    As it is the right note to introduce, I will rack myself and my keyboard and write down a condensed/diffuse-ed vita for you and perhaps also for the posterity ;-))

    After nearly 15 years of abstinence cause I've met the wrong human at the wrong time I'm trtying to come back now. So many things have changed, Oriental has disappered and came back as it seems with a totally new product, Agfa ... Kodak ... and, the really great chance for me as an analog: the digital ... photography. I feel it as a chance for the silver to proceed AND finally reach the view it deserves.
    Though I earn the rolls for my kids as a freelancing IT-Servant I decline the digital inflation for ME. I prefer to mix my developers out of single chemicals and keep control over the whole single parts of the process (as long as it's possible;-)) Another note: It has become more difficult even to get Natriumsufite here ... it seems it has become a really dangerous poison or a base material for drugs;-) ... perhaps I should leave the province near Hamburg/Germany.
    Perferrably I use 4x5 up to 8x10 but as I'm told I was seem a few times with a tiny Voigtlander. My main victims are landscapes, architectures and industry. If someone wants to peg me as something, perhaps 'constructivism' would met it a bit

    That's all I fear. As usual I could write a screed or ... nothing.

    Greetings out of the green winter

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    Apr 30, 2004
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    Greetings Horst!
    Welcome to APUG. Since you victimize a few things I also like to attempt, I look forward to seeing you posts in the gallery.
    As to meeting the wrong human at the wrong time, I think most of the human race can relate. Love isn't just blind, it can often be deaf, dumb, and stupid too. But once it gets it right, look out!! :D :cool:
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    Aug 24, 2004
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    joe :smile:
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    Aug 30, 2004
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    No, there is not much reason to move - you´d better think about mail ordering your chemicals... I am pretty lucky to have one of these companies just nearby my village in Koblenz, but I know how difficult it could be to get the simplest things at a drugstore or pharmacy (and these people actually get paid to know a bit about chemistry).

    Oh, no. The drugstore actually is better than the pharmacy! At least you can get soda and citric acid there. And instant coffee and filters... ;-)

    Don´t worry too much about that craft dying out - I have another feeling... that neverever the customer could be so close with the producer. Today we are kept informed and posted by the shop owners, by individuals at the companies, people who know what is happening at their working place.

    Constructivism? That rocks. <g>