A few questions regarding color analog methods for shooting graphic design.

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    Jul 22, 2012
    From what i understand the most ideal shooting for final mock ups for graphic design (non-digitally) is using a copystand, and slide film.

    Is 6x6 better than 35mm for shooting pages paste-ups for a mock magazine?

    Logically processors only take photographic paper. Is there a quick or even possible way I print on a processor with emulsion on the any of the following : standard paper paper/layout paper/watercolor paper/transparent acetate or matt/gloss paper? I would think they would have to be on a roll.

    From what I've experinced the 35mm slide , not sure about neg film, doesn't exceed 6x9 or even smaller. What's the largest it can reach before it looses detail on modern processors?

    I'm aiming to use usinng around a2, a3, a4; your standard formats for books, posters,

    What some photo copy stat machines still running or places where they are located?

    Know any where any traditional reproduction camera and phototypesetting services are located?