A Bronica GS-1 Pro hood

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    Sep 21, 2004
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    Now, that I finally rounded my lens lineup for my Bronica GS-1 (6x7) by 65mm, 100mm and 200mm lenses, I would b considering a Bronica Pro hood for them. This is bellows-type hood apparently suits almost all GS-1 lenses line (from 50mm to 250mm lenses).

    However, since I have no personal experience with this hood, neither held one in my hands, I'll be glad to hear personal experiences/opinions of actual users (if any there...)

    The issues that bother me are:
    1. The hood apparently intend to cover the focal lengthes I mentioned, but I'm not sure. Does one indeed safely covers at leat 65mm-200mm range ? Are there pre-defined (locking) positions for particular lenses (at least for 65mm, 100mm and 200mm) ?

    2. I've heard it has the provision for square filters by some kind of slot to insert the filter. Are Cokin acceptable to this slot ?
    Can a screw-in filters be utilized on the lens in conjunction with this hood ?
    (I have a screw-in polarizer).

    Any other personal experiences are welcome.

    Regards, Alex