9x12 Linhof technika II + three lenses + Voigtländer avus.

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    Hey everybody I'm having a sort of clearence sale here. All the items are currently residing in Denmark. I will ship worldwide. All prices are without shipping so ask for quotes to your part of the world. I take paypal. I will, of course, donate 3% of the sales to apug. Click the links for pictures.
    I've sold plenty of things on ebay and have 100% feedback with 184 transactions. my ebay username is: mads_hartmann

    I think the linhof technika II is probably one of the coolest cameras I've ever owned (and I've owned a lot of cameras). But I'm a little strapped for cash so reluctantly it will have to go.

    if you go to cameraeccentric.com he has a manual for the camera that will explain all the stuff it can do.

    First of the camera is in quite worn cosmetic condtition. the body has holes in it from where a rangefinder and a viewfinder used to be. The bellows is light tight and supple but it is worn. it is missing some paint here and there and one original screw has been replaced with an obvious not so original one. That said the camera works perfectly. It comes with 12 single sheet film holders. 6 recomar ones that don't need film sheaths and 6 carl zeiss 665/7 holders all with film sheaths. I haven't tested the zeiss holders yet but they all seem light tight (there's only one that might leak a little light to my eyes). The camera has infinity stops for the three lenses that comes with it:

    1: An uncoated schneider angulon f6.8 90mm lens. Serial number is: 1504342 which dates it to 1938. The shutter works fine on t and b but the others are too slow (1 second is closer to 2 seconds 1/2 closer to 1 second etc.)
    The glass has one problem on one the inner elements in the rear group is what appears to be a scrath, but it's more likely it's seperation. I'm sure it affects something, but the pictures I've taken with it comes out sharp and nice.

    2: a coated schneider Xenar 135mm f4.5 lens. Serial number is: 2526676 which means it was made in 1950. Glass is perfect shutter is perfect.

    3: a uncoated schneider xenar 150mm lens. Serial number is: 365456 which means it was made between 1929 and 1931
    shutter is a little too slow on the slow speed. The glass is perfect except that there's some slight haze on one of the inner elements in the front group. I haven't got the right tools to take it apart or else I would have cleaned it. It only affect contrast slightly. This is a sharp lens.

    It also comes with a very cool leather case.

    I'm asking 250 pounds for it. I paid 300 pounds for it when I bought the kit.




    I'm also selling a voigtländer avus 9x12 camera. I comes with 5 light tight single sheet film holders all with film sheaths + a focar tele lens attachment. The camera works great and is in very nice comsetic condition. Only small minus is that the distance scale is loose (who uses those anyway). It has a xenar 135mm f4.5 lens. The lens has a some haze in one of the elements of the front group. It only affects contrast a little and can be compensated for in exposure/developping/printing. Shutter is working great.
    Funny enough all the film holders for the technika all fit the Avus perfectly but none of the holders for avus fit the technika.
    I would like to get 50 pounds for the camera. Which is roughly what I paid for it myself on ebay not so long ago.