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    Hi all--
    I just bought myself an 8x10 pinhole and did my first shot with it on Friday. I work at a photo lab, so I just took it to work with a sheet of Ektachrome 100 for a test out in the parking lot. I did a rough guess on the exposure, about 10 seconds and was shocked by the results...the exposure was really close considering my non-scientific process, but more amazing to me was how "sharp" the image was. All the pinhole stuff I have done in the past was very, very soft so I was shocked to see an image that while still soft compared to a lens, was pretty damn good for no lens at all! I'll scan it and post it at some point, but as of now I don't have a scanner that will do 8x10. I was thinking about getting one of those Epson V-750 scanners, so now maybe I will. Anyway, just thought I would share.
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    Isn't the sharpness of an 8x10 pinhole camera on color transparency film wonderful. Most of my friends can't believe the level of quality I get from the two 8x10 pinhole cameras I own. It's wonderful.

    I use an Epson V-750 to scan my 8x10 work. The secret is to get a piece of anti-newton ring glass to make the chrome or neg prefectly flat.

    This is who I bought from: http://fpointinc.com/glass.htm

    The difference is night and day in the image quality when using this glass.

    I have one 8x10 pinhole image on my web site portfolio. It's labeled 'Washington DC'. The image is of a Japanese Pin Oak. http://www.walterpcalahan.com/Cheers/Portfolio.html

    Please post your pinhole work on the internet for the rest of us to see.