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    Oops, I just realized that this ad should have been posted in the For Sale section. Sorry.
    Take a peek in the "For Sale" section.

    Well, the years are catching up with me and I've got to lighten my load.

    It's time so say goodbye to an old friend; my 5x7 Deardorff.

    The 21 inch bellows are almost new, made by Custom Bellows of England, and allow for a 23-1/2 inch lens board-to-ground glass extension. Not bad for such an elegant old lady...

    The woodwork and finish are original. a few minor dings here and there, but pretty nice overall.

    The racks and spur gears look almost unused. No binding, no slop no missing teeth.

    Rear swing (no front swing), rear shift, all tilts, and front rise work without complaint.

    I modified it to receive my 3-7/8 x 3-3/4 inch Tachihara lensboards, but removing the three small hardwood reducer strips seen in the photos will let you use any 4x4 lensboard.

    If this is your first foray into large format, I'll make it a bit easier for you...
    ...I'll add two nice 5x7 film holders (Fidelity or Lisco)
    ...and four 5x7 Kodak film hangers.
    ...and an unopened 25 sheet box of Ilford FP4+ film (private labeled as "Arista Pro"). Frozen, exp. 2008.

    Tripod not included

    $1150 + insured shipping



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    You might want to put this ad over on the "For Sale" section...:smile: