5cm F1.4 Nikkor-SC for Leica Thread Mount - Nice

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    Jan 3, 2008
    This is the quite sought-after Nippon Kogaku (Nikon) Nikkor-SC 5cm F1.4 in Leica thread mount, a legendary lens in the rangefinder world and not too commonly encountered in M39 mount.

    This example is in good condition for a lens of this type with a bare smattering of microscopic coating scratches on the front element, and a few dust particles. There is no haze or fungus, in fact it should deliver stellar results and please anyone who needs a top-drawer Leica compatible lens. The lens was protected for most of its life with a UV filter on the front so it is substantially free from the crazing of coating scratches that afflict many of these lenses. The iris blades have some oil (as is common on vintage lenses), but this has not migrated to other parts of the lens. The mechanics are smooth and accurate. I'd rate the lens about 7.5/10 overall - a good shooting lens, but not a piece for a museum.

    One amazing trait of the Nikkor 5cm/1.4 is that it will close focus to 1.5 feet, and produce near-macro photographs with breathtaking bokeh, color and sharpness rendition. For more information on this lens and its remarkable capabilities I refer the reader to the following link:


    Sold as shown without caps, but the surfaces will be well protected on shipping.

    Price: $325 plus insured shipping

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