5" f2.4 Petzval! Crazy Swirlies! Uber Fast!

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    Thanks Everyone! I'll make a donation.

    There are pictures made with this lens Here. and an interesting discussion about it HERE.


    Personality and Signature are 2 words that get thrown around a lot these days. This lens has both
    in spades, and then some. Unique is a word that comes to mind.


    But honestly, at f2.4 and sans aperture and shutter, you'd better have some kind of a curtain shutter that can tame it. You'll need 1/4000th of a second in direct sunlight with asa 125 film. Ouch. I used ASA 25 film and a Speed Graphic at about 1/800th second for the shots you see on the page I sent you to.


    It's big and ugly and not really worth much. But the right person can have a ton of creative fun with this lens. I just scratched the surface! Think what you could do with gorgeous spring colors and a Better Light digital back with this lens!! Look at some of Jim Collum's creative work done with similar lenses.


    First $115 bucks gets it. It'll take $11 more to ship it.
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