4x5 Storage? the best solution?

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    Feb 12, 2009
    I have been shaking my head at my current film storage. I bough two very nice binders and some film storage inserts (4 to a page) thinking it would be the best solution. However, The film sleeves within the inserts point to the middle of the insert sheet, therefore whenever I turn a page or just flip the folder with the inserts and film within the film slides into the other sleeves and I am afraid might even scratch the other film.

    Looking through the Printfile website, it seems that "FF45 (package of 50) 075-0450" would be a good initial start coupled with the "45-1 (package of 100) 030-0210". But when you look at both packages, they both have an opening which allows the negative to slip out one end! (The same end in both storage products above). Would it not be better to have the FF45 transparency sleve folds over so that the long edge could slip and the when it is slotted into the 45-1, the negative should not be able to slip out of the storage and would be protected from all four edge sides!!

    Does anyone have a suggestion where I can purchase an alternate to the FF45 which would still be compatible with the 45-1?