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    I'm putting my old Beseler 45S Dichro head back into service soon. It has been sitting in storage. I set it up to make sure it still functioned, and noticed that the magenta dial would not go to zero. It stops at about 18.

    However, looking inside the unit, the filter is bottomed, sitting even with the other two filters, which show zero on the dial.

    Is there an easy way to adjust this? Otherwise, I can just add 18 to any value I need to set and not worry about it I guess.


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    I've had the 45S's fancier sibling the Computer Colorhead (ca. 1990) which gives me an LED readout rather than a dial readout, and even brand new, it never gives me a 0 reading unless I have all three dials set at 0. If, for example, I am doing my usual split filter printing, and have my magenta dial set at full magenta (242), and the Y dial set at 0, the readout on the Y dial tells me it's actually at 5 or 8 0r 10 (it varies), even though it's bottomed out. This appears to make no difference at all in printing, so I just chalk it up to a not-very-precise matchup between the readout and the actual cams that move the filters. In other words, it acts like 0 even if it doesn't say it. As long as you're not actually getting 18 magenta filtration when you're set at zero, I wouldn't worry about it. Easy enough to test.