35mm and MF cameras for sale

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    Hi folks, I have just met with the guy that I got the 1200 from, via the store. He came over to show me what he had in the way of camera gear and I thought it may be of interest here. I had a quick look and though not a definitive list the items I had a look at is below.
    I shall put his contact details up once I have a full list, which he will send me in the next few days. They were his Fathers, who recently passed away, I was going to offer to post the stuff here and help him answer questions but to be honest he doesn't need my help! he knows what he has and will be able to give you any info you may need.
    The stuff looked in good condition to me and looked like it had been well cared for.

    so, the details then;

    Pentax 67 inc, 55mm, 105mm and 75mm lenses and various filters etc. The body also has the handle attached.

    Mamiya C330.

    Canon T90 plus a range of lenses.

    They are all in a case of some kind so are well protected, and stored well by the look of things. I shall post the full list and prices once I get 'em as well as the contact details.
    My Enlarger came with the wrong power supply which the shop couldn't help with, so they gave me his contact details, he has been very helpful in trying to sort/find the transformer so I am confident in saying that he is trustworthy to deal with. Any questions in the meantime just ask away.