305/9 Schneider G-Claron (Dagor design) #3 with CLA

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    Yes, you read the title correctly. As the photos show, this has a serial number in the 10,xxx,xxx range, making it one of the early offerings. This is of Dagor design, before they moved to the later plasmat design.

    For your consideration, I present to you one Schneider Kreuznach G-Claron in Universal #3 shutter. Focal length is 305mm, with maximum aperture at f9. When stopped down, this covers 7x17 (larger image circle than 11x14), with room for movement. Lens includes no caps, but does include proper retaining ring. Iris scale looks to be made by previous owner, but given the thumbs up on accuracy during recent service. Lens has been the recipient of a recent (June 2010) CLA from the good folks at S.K.Grimes. Front optics include light cleaning marks, but no nicks, haze, fungus, etc.
    Available for $600 if paid via Paypal (to my forum username at gmail dot com) before November 17, 2010 11:00pm Central Time (GMT -6:00). This allows me time to pack and ship on Friday morning, getting the lens on it's way to the lucky buyer.
    Price includes shipping anywhere in the US or Canada.

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