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    Hi there!

    It's say 2 months that I'M studying LF lenses in order to choose which is the best for me and now I succeeded to narrow the field at least :smile:
    I need your precious help to choose among these 3 LF lenses; I will use this wide angle both with b&w negatives -400asa- and color chromes -100asa- (I print only ilfochrome so minimizing chromatic aberration is crucial).

    -GRANDAGON N 75 MM F6.8

    -SA MC (or even single coated) 75 mm f5.6

    -fujinon swd 75 mm f5.6

    I will use it by both a gaoersi camera 6x12 and a pacemaker speed graphic (4x5sheet film). Handheld most of the time, so also weight is important...
    budget: 600$

    thanx so much for your advises.
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    I use a coated 75mm f8 SA on my Gaoersi 6x17 it's a wonderful lens (came from Italy via Ebay). I've also used it with my Crown Graphic hand-held and not found focussing too difficult with a fresnel added. While it's not Multi coated its coatings are excellent.

    If I found a Grandagon N 75mm f6.8 at a reasonable price I'd use it instead of my 65mm f8 SA that I've used on my Wista for the last 20+ years it's probably the best of the three options you've listed.