28-105 AF Nikkor, hood & Automatic body cap.

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  1. John Koehrer

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    Apr 3, 2004
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    1) I don't like autofocus!
    2) I don't like zoom lenses!
    Brings to mind the question Why did I buy it? I'm compulsive.

    OK then.
    It all works fine, the lens is clean except for one fine scratch on the front element, no fungus, dents, dings, mars, finger prints.
    Comes with lens hood, lens cap, protective filter, strap and Nikon N-80 fully automatic rear body cap.

    Did I mention I also don't care for plastic cameras?
    Anyway the body is OK, works in manual and all three auto modes, auto focus works, af selector works properly.
    When you look at it as paying a little on the high side & getting a very nice rear lens cap.

    Sunpak auto 30DX flash w/Nikon adapter, gives ttl operation and has five power levels in manual. Uses 4 AA batteries similar to Vivitar 285 units.

    Take it ALL for $200 via Paypal and free shipping to the US of A.

    Comes with strap, holster case and destruction book.
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  2. L Gebhardt

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    Jun 27, 2003
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    Nice lens cap you have there. Both the lens and the N80 are very good, and combined make a good package if you can stand autofocus. I shot this combo for a few years and have lots of perfectly exposed slides from it.