210 f/5.6 Topcor (plasmat) in Copal #1 for your 150mm to 180mm in modern shutter

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    Feb 16, 2009
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    I have a 210 f/5.6 Topcor- a quality, modern, plasmat in properly working Copal #1.
    It has become redundant in my kit as I have a 240 I prefer.
    The look is "more Schneider than Rodenstock", sharp and contrasty but I find the bokeh harsh.
    Glass is in good condition. Includes useable but incorrect caps, includes retaining ring.

    I'd ideally like to trade for a 180mm Sironar-N or Fuji W, but I'd consider most coated lenses between 150mm and 180mm, needs to be in a reasonably accurate shutter w/ x-sync.
    I'd also consider a longer telephoto, I plan to use it on a camera with limited bellows. Caps would be a big plus, and a flange is a must unless your lens is really fast or unique.
    I figure my lens is worth around a dollar a millimeter, but I'd prefer to trade. If you have a clean Raptar or similar and need to add value for an equitable trade, I could also use a graflex 6x9 lever rfh for 6x9 backs, or 120 b&w or print film. I could also use certain sizes of small Pelican type case or some Fuji FP-100c, or a Vivitar 285 HV.
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