2-day darkroom workshops with Per Volquartz starting in September!

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    Per Volquartz will be offering 2-day darkroom workshops, limited to 2 participants per workshop. The workshops will take place in Pasadena, California on specified week-ends, once a month, starting in September!
    Cost per participant $220

    Each 2 day workshop will be packed with info.

    Day 1:

    A good negative will make it easier to make a great print!
    Therefore, we'll start by making test shots and process these negs.
    Then scan the negs and carry out rough preliminary dodge-and-burn electronically to look at the possibilities of the neg. Then onto printing using an 8X10 Durst with a 2000w variable contrast color head, powerful enough to make projection prints on AZO type material.

    Finally we will select 2 negatives, 1 from each participant (negatives brought to the workshop) and make exhibition type prints from each negative - from exposure / dodging / burning, through 2 bath developer processing, selenium toning and possiby gold protective toning.

    Print drying overnight.

    Day 2:

    Flattening of prints, spotting, mounting and matting using archival museum board.
    Result: Each participant will return home with in-depth knowledge on how to get the most out of a negative and also bring home a mounted and matted museum quality print, which may be worth more than the cost of the workshop itself.

    Very limited enrollment due to max two participants per workshop.
    Workshop fee includes a simple sandwich lunch both days, snacks and non-alchoholic beverages each day.

    1-day Saturday darkroom workshops will begin in October.
    $135 per participant - 2 people max per workshop.

    Private workshops are also available during week or weekends.
    Email for specifics:
    Please write DARKROOM workshop in header.
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    If you strive for deep, glowing, emotional prints, then you will be hard pressed to find a better teacher. Per's work is astonishing. His web site doesn't do his work justice. He "sees" very well. I have been lucky enough to be a participant in several of Per's free workshops. Each one was completely worth the time.

    And by the way, Isn't there some country who is honoring Per with a thirty year retrospective?