1936 Voightlander & close up lens

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    Mar 18, 2007
    I was able to acquire a set of +1,+2,+3 close up Ednalite lens and a Series 6 Kodak holder for the old Bessa RF. Then after a trip to my camera shop guy, I have red,yellow,green filters for same. Now I am trying to decipher the instructions that came with these close up lens. Sooooo.... maybe someone here has had prior experience working with these???:confused:
    My plans are to use this setup in a Portrait Photography class next semester at the University where I have my choice of film or d****. Along with the Bessa, I'll use a Zeiss Ikonta 521/16 6X6 and a Leica M3.
    Film choice seems to go from Ilford Pan F 50 & Delta 100 for B&W. I am running a roll of FP4+ 125 now. For color I have Portra NC & VC 160.
    Thanks for any tips, suggestions and comments.
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