16X20 12X20 8X20 Film shooters!

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    I have a box of 50 sheets of Kodak Negative Seperation film.


    This is regular panchromatic film designed for making seperation negatives so seeing all of the primary colors is important.


    If you recall, Kodak Super XX was the darling of the seperation negative workers and this film is very very similar in it's properties except it is slower with much tighter grain.


    I also got 4 boxes of 11X14 film and have been shooting it. The lab tech that I bought it from told me they used ASA 50 but after the first 3 sheets I figured that may have been for tungsten and raised it to ASA 80 and think that's pretty close. I've been getting gorgeous 11X14 negs.


    That said, this film is older than the 1114 stuff and a film base plus fog test reveals pretty significant age density. I could work with it. My test is to simply cut a piece in half, do a pre-soak in water, and one piece goes straight into the fix, while the other gets my regular developing regimen of 12 min. in PyroCatHD, then fixed.

    I broke the seal on this box today. It was un-opened. So there are 49 sheets plus the remainder of the sheet I cut up for testing. I would like $80 + shipping will likely be about $20, so 16X20 negs for $2 bucks each!! Have some fun this summer!