150mm f9 Rodenstock Apo Gerogon, M39 ("Leica") thread mount

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    Mar 2, 2007
    Tacoma, WA USA
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    150mm f9 Rodenstock Apo Gerogon, M39 ("Leica") thread mount
    Clean lens, slight dust. It has a standard 39mm "Leica" thread.

    Specs at: https://www.cjoint.com/13fe/CBliYgco...-graphigon.pdf

    If a shutter is desired, this might be a good candidate to mount on the front of one of the Polaroid MP4 shutters (with 40mm female front threads and no diaphragm).

    Apparently Apo Gerogons are also used as a 4x5 enlarging or bellows lens.
    Exc.. $70 shipped within the USA.

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