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Wetplate - Modern Film Comparison 2016-02-07

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Above link goes in to an excellent article which compares modern color and BW film with wet plate especially on garment colors and skin colors.

What a GREAT difference.

If you have no time and protecting a old article from lose , I shamelessly attached page 14. Its a group of women who wears 100 years old garment copies and photographed with wet plate , color and modern BW film.

At these shot , wet plate puts greatest amount of detail and light in to the deepest shadows , it sees much different from the eye sees.

I have 100 years dvd of National Geographic and one article was about William Henry Jackson. There was a mountain top with rock formation of cross and many modern color pictures and an wet plate comparison. Modern film was deeply dark but wet plate was filled with light.

I read Wet plate is color blind but I did not see a scientific graphic for put here. I will attach NGS article pages and others in a hour.

I want to share that I found attached pdf photos are true when it goes to rose and brown. I found Leitz Summitar goes in to monochrome in dim hot bulb light and turns everything in to orange , rose and brown.

I found that color is artificial vermillon mostly where the CMYK Printing Presses are using cheaper class of colors where they were printing that cast very successfully at 1950s magazines.

May be that leica dim light color blindless effects the bw pictures more dynamic ? There are no longer that bw or color snap at any modern magazine

ps. NGS article is at the second post.
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