Rhodopsin and Halobacterium, Complete Papers 2016-02-07

Rhodopsin and Halobacterium, Complete Papers

  1. Mustafa Umut Sarac
    Rhodopsin and Halobacteria, Complete Papers

    STEP 1

    Rhodopsin is a protein which is erasable in PVA 1 million times and it can take pictures with up to 5000 lp/mm.

    You can buy it ready or you can grow it. If you want to invest only 10 dollars , halobacterium salinarum is sold live in tubes at high school biology supplier.

    Lets start from start of the whole process to make your film.

    You bought halobacteria - or halobacterium salinarum - and you want to keep it alive and grow it in glass bottles. Below paper describes how to keep live halobacterium alive !

    You will extract rhodopsin from halobacterium, prepare film and expose and read it and delete , rewrite it later in series

    Some Effects of Light on the Viability
    of Rhodopsin-Containing Halobacteria​

    Department of Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin, 1550 Linden Drive, Madison, Wisconsin 53706, U.S.A.
    Abstract. Under starvation conditions, rhodopsin-containing
    halobacteria show a light-accelerated death
    under aerobic conditions. This is attributed to photooxidative
    processes. Under anaerobic conditions, halobacteria
    die rapidly in the dark, and light prevents
    death. Since it has been shown by others that lightdriven
    ATP synthesis can occur under anaerobic
    conditions, it is postulated that rhodopsin-mediated
    photophosphorylation is of survival value for this
    organism in the brines in which it lives, especially
    because the solubility of oxygen is low in highly saline
    waters and anaerobic conditions can often develop.
    Key words." Rhodopsin - Halobacterium - Starvation
    - Photooxidation - Saline environments​
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