Local Backlit Illuminated Print by Illuminescent Polymers with Pen Drawen Circuit 2016-02-07

Local Backlit Illuminated Print by Illuminescent Polymers with Pen Drawen Circuit

  1. Mustafa Umut Sarac
    Electric Activated Polymers with Pen Lined Circuit

    If you want to protect your prints for a very longer time compared to print on paper , you can get inspiration from worldwide printed 2500 different banknotes on polymer or say plastic. They are extremelly resistant to chemicals, scratch,tear . I selected Canadian banknote printed on BOPP film ,

    A- lets say biaxially oriented polypropylene film , you can reach different thicknesses worldwide, this comes transparent , semitransparent , uv or heat laminatable.

    B - If you want to backlit illuminate your ''on glass or polymer'' print or film

    BB- You must paint your prints back locally with illuminescent polymer with similar simple technology of diy LED lamps. Polymer is mixed with a solvent and hand paint on your circuits contacts

    BBB- Organic illuminescent chemicals or polymers are sold for

    1 gram to 5 gram around 80 to 600 dollars in USA
    BUT in China , same chemical costs 1000 grams for 30 to 300 dollars.

    C- You must make a circuit in back of your glass or film and you can make it with conductive circuit drawing pen

    After doing this and attaching a cell , you have iphone of prints.

    You can want to see more detail on a shadowy area or want to sun or moon or city light blow , this is ideal technology.

    I am attaching a paper which explains some of the processes you might accomplish. Its simple diy led lamp at school

    Mustafa Umut Sarac


    1. flexible-image-sensor.jpg
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