DIY Hyperspectral Camera very cheap 2016-02-07

DIY Hyperspectral Camera very cheap

  1. Mustafa Umut Sarac
    This is a new paper describes to build a hyperspectral camera from basic parts and camera bodies. Paper uses a digital camera but no reason to not use with analog camera. You can go to an greek island and trek in deep island and find a rock formation and want to know the content of the rocks or you can buy an expensive whiskey and want to know what inside.

    That camera is for something like that.

    Or you can select few wavelenght windows to simulate a alt process for example autochrome , or you can take pictures of old oil painting and want to see the layer formation or content of paints.

    Or you can shot a flower and see your expensive orchid how healthy.


    Yes , there is lots of processing but where not !


    Abstract We introduce a low-cost and compact spectral imaging camera design based on unmodified consumer cameras and a custom camera objective. The device can be used in a high-resolution configuration that measures the spectrum of a column of an imaged scene with up to 0.8 nm spectral resolution, rivalling commercial non-imaging spectrometers, and a mid-resolution hyperspectral mode that allows the spectral measurement of a whole image, with up to 5 nm spectral resolution and 120x120 spatial resolution. We develop the necessary calibration methods based on halogen/fluorescent lamps and laser pointers to acquire all necessary information about the optical system. We also derive the mathematical methods to interpret and reconstruct spectra directly from the Bayer array images of a standard RGGB camera. This objective design introduces accurate spectral remote sensing to computational photography, with numerous applications in color theory, colorimetry, vision and rendering, making the acquisition of a spectral image as simple as taking a high-dynamic-range image.