Voyage of Ulysses

Voyage of Ulysses

In 2004, I was living in Portland Maine, and had to travel to Amsterdam for work. Since there are no direct flights, I had a connection in Philadelphia, and a bought a ticket where I would arrive in Philadelphia at 9:00 and depart for Amsterdam at 10:00. Had I looked more closely at my reservation, I would have realized that I arrived at 9:00am and departed at 10:00pm, so when I arrived at the Philadelphia airport, I found out that I had several hours to kill. I left most of my bags at the airport hotel, and took a train into the city and wandered around, being a tourist for a day. I walked past this sculpture, which I really liked “Voyage of Ulysses” by David von Schlegell. The sculpture is intended to be within a fountain with water flowing over it, but on the day that I was there, the water part wasn’t working. I shot a few frames. I liked this frame the best because of the blind man beneath the sculpture whose cane helped to emphasize the diagonal lines in the image. To see what the sculpture is supposed to look like, google “Voyage of Ulysses” and you will see plenty of images with the water flowing over the steel sculpture.
Equipment Used
Hasselblad 501CX, 80mm f2.8
f8. 1/500
Film & Developer
HP5+, HC-110B 6 1/2 mins
Paper & Developer
Ilford MG IV, Ilford MG Developer
Lens Filter
Good one Mark.
I love the reflection in the bottom right that make a pointing arrow, pointing in the same direction as the blind person's stick. That's a great rhythm.

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