Stray beam of light

Stray beam of light

Believe it or not, this is the way I found the image, I was walking at the creeks edge and saw the log sitting in a patch of light out in the creek.
Vickery Creek by Roswell Mill, Roswell, Ga.
Equipment Used
Mamiya c330 80mm lens, R72 filter
not recorded
Film & Developer
Konica 750 IR, Rodinal 1:75
Paper & Developer
Kodak Polycontrast III
Yes, this is nice. Do you know anything about the history of the area, like who the creek was named after?? I will have to go visit this site the next time that I go back to GA to visit my family.
Yes, good catch. In my opinion, could use a little cropping top and bottom. Just me though.

Gorgeous. And I love the camera that you used. I have one that serves as my point and shoot.
Vickery Creek. When I lived in Roswell in the 70s the creek, and the old dam and mill, and these rocks were far back in the woods. It was quite a hike to get there. I'll have to dig out the negatives I made then - I love this image. Good seeing.

David, the area is quite historical. I believe the creek was named for a family that lived nearby. During the civil war the mill produced clothing, tents, etc. for the Confederate Army and was a target for Sherman's forces when they arrived. (Roswell is just north of Atlanta). The men had all left town, and the Union forces found only women and children in most of the town. One house (still standing) flew a French flag and claimed immunity from the fighting. Sherman loaded the women and children on railroad cars and shipped them to Ohio and Indiana. Many were never able to return, so the family names of original Roswell inhabitants are scattered throughout the country.
wow,I'm gone for two days and you put this on...beautiful.outstanding.
Thank you everyone! I got lucky on this one. This is only about twenty yards from the old mill, but you have to climb down through the brush and vines to get to the area. The mills been allowed to get quite overgrown, I hope it doesn't go away from neglect!
Gary cropping does make a nice version, but the square frame seems to make up for it to me, I like it either way.
Amazing work!! All of my colleques here at the office are in awe!!! I envy you :wink:
I think it is a great image but I do go along with the crop idea. As I was scrolling down my screen, the upper section of the image was masked down to include the top rock and, giving the viewer only one thing to look at made a greater impact on me.

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