Sonatas XI-3 Faerie Dance - Revisited (Meeting)

Sonatas XI-3 Faerie Dance - Revisited (Meeting)

Words by Khaetidawne and Brendan Quirk.
The photo was taken in June of 2017. This print was made in November, 2017 on 8” x 10” paper.
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Durham, North Carolina, USA
Equipment Used
Minolta X-570 35 mm SLR equipped with a 50 mm f/1.7 Minolta MD lens
Film & Developer
Ilford FP4+/D76 1:1
Paper & Developer
Ilford Multigrade FB Classic Double Weight Fiber Base/Dektol
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Sonatas XI-3 (Meeting)

Being children, they’d embraced it all;
Accepted it; they’d heard the call.
They played the games of the Faerie Kind!
Children have a natural ‘Seeker’s Mind.’

I smiled then, at the memory -
Of the first time they’d played ‘Faerie Dance’ with me
I hadn’t realized what they were saying -
Till my wife said, “It’s ‘Faerie Dance’ they are playing!”

I had to suppress a laugh - but never the smile -
For a short time - again - with all of them - I was a child!
I asked, “Where are we going? Are we walking for miles?”
“Uppo! Uppo!” called the smallest girl, (I carried her for a while).

“You don’t mind, do you?” she asked.
I replied, “It’s my pleasure”
Every one of them is my treasure...

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