Sonatas IX-22 (Adagio Soave) - The Forest's Gifts: Walk With Me

Sonatas IX-22 (Adagio Soave) - The Forest's Gifts: Walk With Me

Words by Khaetidawne and Brendan Quirk. The photo was taken in September of 2020. This print was made in February, 2021 on 8” x 10” paper.
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Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, Corbin, Kentucky, USA
Equipment Used
Pentax 67 medium format SLR equipped with a 105 mm f/2.4 SMC Pentax 67 lens
Film & Developer
Ilford HP5+/D76 1:1
Paper & Developer
Ilford Multigrade FB Classic Double Weight Fiber Base/Dektol
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Sonatas IX-22 (Adagio Soave)

Is the Forest throwing obstacles into our path as we go on our way?
“No. The Rocks call to us, They say rest here awhile, sit and stay!”
I enjoy the lattice work and etchings upon this stone block ere we go
While the Sun edges downward - putting on such a show.

I know we can’t stay long, no time for harp songs,
Though my Love sings a short solo and the birds sing along.

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