Sonatas IX-20 (Adagio Soave) - The Forest's Gifts: Walk With Me

Sonatas IX-20 (Adagio Soave) - The Forest's Gifts: Walk With Me

Words by Khaetidawne and Brendan Quirk. The photo was taken in June of 2019. This print was made in December, 2020 on 8” x 10” paper.
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Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, Corbin, Kentucky, USA
Equipment Used
Minolta X-570 35 mm SLR equipped with a 50 mm f/1.7 Minolta MD lens
Film & Developer
Ilford FP4+/D76 1:1
Paper & Developer
Ilford Multigrade FB Classic Double Weight Fiber Base/Dektol
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Sonatas IX-20 (Adagio Soave)

While exploring along the Falls’ realm, we see more things to mark our way,
I want to show her everything I’ve found walking these trails all my days.
“This burl on this tree has been growing for decades; it’s enormous you see!
It always marks the year for us. For Trailwalkers, for Seekers, for Family, for Me.”

She says, “That tree burl ought to have a name! The Tree lives, It thrives!”
I say back, “Shall we name it Milton Burl? Or even better, Burl Lives?”
Getting my joke, she laughs as we go,
Singing Molly Malone, ‘Alive Alive Oh!’
I know very little about Flora in general but the fact that the thing has no branches and keeps growing, taking enormous amount of useless effort on the part of the tree, I would guess it is a benign tumor and , although obviously benign, it will end up killing the tree by sheer weight.
My guess, not backed up by any actual knowledge.
Great shot, by the way

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