In memory
Cheryl Jacobs

In memory

In memory of Caroline, who in her twelve days knew only the love of family, the kindness of strangers, and the beauty in everything.

I photographed her yesterday. She passed away this morning.
my sincere condolences Cheryl. I'm sure it was a difficult experience for you, however I sincerely doubt there is anyone else who could provide the family with the beautiful memories that you have.

My thoughts are with you,
Words never really seem sufficient at times like this, but I think your comments and the picture conveys a great deal.

Like Ian my thoughts are with you.
Cheryl, thank you for reminding us how truly precious each life is. Perhaps this is Caroline's gift to us.
This was a remarkable series. You are truely a wonderful person for providing this family with so much. Send our condolences.
What a beautiful photo. As Gene says, please extend out condolences to the family. I know they will treasure the work you've done forever.

May you know God's grace and be forever in His loving arms.


Please extend my sincerest condolences to the family. A life so short could only have had the benefit of being filled so completely with the love of her family.

For a man not easily moved, your last photo brought me instantly to tears. As I am now regaining my stoic composure, I feel compelled to say (although it almost seems sacriligeous, "Well done. A very powerful image."
Damn it, I'm still welling up...
All the very best to both Caroline's family and to yourself.

Take care,


that's so incredibly sad. Your photograph has incredible emotional impact, it's an image that helps recognition of how fragile the existance of each individual is.
It is also a reminder that we need to be thankful for the things we have, health and life itself most important.

I cannot thank you enough for sharing this extremely personal image with us here. I am grateful, honored and humbled.

It is my hope that Caroline had a few good dreams before she had to leave. In a way I would like to think that she will be a part of many people's lives for a long time to come, and that she will be remembered as the great contribution to humanity that she was, brief as it was.
Rest in peace, Caroline! I don't think I will ever forget you.

Thank you.

- Thomas

Saint Paul, MN

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