Gypsy Kid

Gypsy Kid

I was lucky with this one, I shot and left in a flash!! Trust me it looks better in print!!
Equipment Used
F-75 28-100 lens
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ilford perle
This is an interesting shot... yo have this poor little kid-in-a-box next to a bright, shiny car. Good shot!
Well... I'm not a big fan of the "hit-and-run" approach. Think about it, if you have to conceal the fact that you are photographing someone, odds are you shouldn't be doing it. I know for a fact that gypsies are *very* sensitive about being photographed, and it requires a lot of intimacy to be allowed to shoot them. A lot can be learned by gaining their friendship, but nothing can be learned by insulting them. In fact, why should you photograph them if not for the fact that there is something to be learned by it? By shooting and fleeing, you learn nothing more than the craft of photography, and if all you are after is exercises in compositions, there are many ways to do go about it without violation other's beliefs/privacy.

Trust me on this, I once photographed a landscape that happened to include two gypsie children (very small in the frame). The children's grandmother took a deep offense to this, and it took many apologies for her to forgive me. The other gypsies that were around, however, made sure I knew how offended they were...
I have never printed that frame, and I never will. There is nothing to be gained from it. Not to mention the fact that countless curses were placed on me (whether I believe in curses or not is besides the point, but it illustrates how violated the gypsies felt).

I hope I don't sound aggressive as I type this post, but I do feel strongly about this. I have seen some of your other work, and you seem good enough not to have to rely on approaches such as this one. I guess all I'm saying is this, try only shooting those that agree to it. Do not lie or give them false hopes regarding the pictures (like promissing them prints they will never get), but try to gain their friendship. I think your work will only gain if you do so.
Dear Andre, you are right as always!! I've seen most of your work(wonderful stuff!!) and I really value your opinion.
The fact is that I took that picture on my first day out with that camera, I was on my way to the parade of 28th of October (big thing here in Greece) when I saw this kid in front of me I just didn't think and took the picture!! And I don't take pride in saying that I was no more than a meter away from the child. The mother didn't notice me and so I left.
Earlier that evening I asked a mother if I could take a picture of her daughter in her traditional costume and she looked at me like I was some sort of a pervert! I felt really bad and ended up taking a standard family photo with her and her husband that I later sent to them. I know this is no excuse, hopefully I've learned from my mistakes.
To confess I never regret about anything, I really like this picture (the scan doesn't do it justice) but I won't ever do that again!!!
Thank you all for your comments, you are helping become a better photographer, I really value each comment made.

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