Evening at the Cardboard House

Evening at the Cardboard House

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My love and I, for sentimental reasons, go to Hornby Island at least once a year. We swim and lie on the beach, explore (with cameras) and buy treats and pizza at the Cardboard House Bakery. The pizza has become a big thing since I developed a garlic sensitivity - they keep a garlic free sauce in the freezer. This was shot in September, on one of my last rolls of HIE. Printed on Ilford postcard paper, and lightly toned with thiocarbamide.
My contribution to postcard exchange #30
Hornby Island
Equipment Used
Nikon FE, 28mm lens
Film & Developer
HIE, Rodinal
Paper & Developer
Ilford RC, postcard, MG dev
Lens Filter
Red 25
Wonderful backlit glow and soft focus (different focus point for IR?). Befits your romantic purpose in being there!
I've got 2 rolls of poorly stored HIE, not horribly stored, just left in a box for 10 years in the back of a photography studio... lol, I hope to expose them semi-properly assuming they aren't horribly fogged already anyway...
Thanks all. Pulling out the HIE after hoarding it for years, has caused me to mourn it all over again. One roll left. Thanks for the sympathy about the garlic. Eating out is no fun any more, but we do eat very healthy - everything home-made from scratch. I wouldn't hold out a lot of hope for your HIE, Stone. Someone gave me some 4x5 sheet film HIE (maybe older than your rolls) and it was very badly fogged.

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